The S.I.D.R.A. PhD Summer School is a one-week annual event organized by S.I.D.R.A., the Italian Control Systems Society, that takes place in Bertinoro, Forlì-Cesena, Italy.

Since the first year, in the 1997, the school has been a meeting place for PhD students, post-graduate students, and researchers, to be introduced to classical as well as emerging control theory, enriched by practical case studies and applications.

Besides the learning experience, the school also has the ambition of providing a stimulating environment for PhD students to meet and establish professional relationships, collaborations, and know-how exchanges.

Every year, two hot topics related to control systems theory/applications are presented, and the partecipants to the school have the opportunity to suggest the topics for the next year.

The summer school is primarily intended for, but not restricted to, PhD, post-graduate, and researcher candidates in the Control Systems and Automatica fields. Students coming from other disciplines may also benefit from the school depending on the topics discussed.
The school success encountered in these recent years and the distinguished international guests, involved a progressive internationalization of the school that now opens up to receive applications from all the European PhD students.

The two themes presented this year are “Robust and constrained control“, coordinated by professors Franco Blanchini (University of Udine) and Patrizio Colaneri (Polytechnic Univ. of Milan), and “Distributed Control and its applications“, coordinated by professors Ruggero Carli (University of Padova) and Luca Schenato (University of Padova).

The “Robust and constrained control” course will provide an updated view and development of the Liapunov theory for stability, performance improvements and control of linear dynamical systems with ancertainties parameters and constraints (on inputs and states).
The lecturers for this course will be: Franco Blanchini (University of Udine), Patrizio Colaneri (Polytechnic Univ. of Milan).
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The “Distributed Control and its applications” course will give a background in distributed algorithms for estimation, control and optimization for next-generation engineering systems, both from a theoretical and applicative perspective.
After an introduction that motivate the use of distributed systems, showing also the main scenarious where they are used, the focus will move on different engineering fields where the contribute of distributed approches has been relevant:
– Consensus and Sensor Networks applications (flocking, load balancing, distributed sensor calibration, distributed parameter identification, distributed clock synchronization, etc);
– Distributed Optimization algorithms;
– Distributed Control in Smart Grids (background, modeling and problems like transmission loss minimization, voltage support and reactive power control will be addressed);
– Distributed Control in Robotics (multi-agent robotics challenges, state-of-the-art in coverage, map-building and cooperative localization problems).
The lecturers for this course will be: Ruggero Carli (University of Padova), Marcello Farina (Polytechnic Univ. of Milan), Giuseppe Notarstefano (University of Salento, Lecce), Luca Schenato (University of Padova)
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